Grade Summary: Pennsylvania

Grade: F

Tobacco Prevention Control and Spending

  • FY2013 State Funding for Tobacco Control Programs: $14,221,000
  • FY2013 Federal Funding for State Tobacco Control Programs: $2,942,883*
  • FY2013 Total Funding for State Tobacco Control Programs: $17,163,883
  • CDC Best Practices State Spending Recommendation: $155,500,000
  • Percentage of CDC Recommended Level: 11.0%

*Includes tobacco prevention and cessation funding provided to states from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Grade: C

Smokefree Air

Overview of State Smoking Restrictions

  • Government Workplaces: Prohibited
  • Private Workplaces: Prohibited
  • Schools: Prohibited
  • Childcare Facilities: Prohibited
  • Restaurants: Restricted
  • Bars: No provision
  • Casinos/Gaming Establishments: Restricted (tribal establishments exempt)
  • Retail Stores: Prohibited
  • Recreational/Cultural Facilities: Prohibited
  • Penalties: Yes
  • Enforcement: Yes
  • Preemption: Yes

Citation: 35 PA. STAT §§ 637.1 to 637.11 (2008).

Grade: C

Cigarette Tax

  • Tax rate per pack of 20: $1.60

Grade: F


Overview of State Cessation Coverage

State Medicaid Program:

  • Medications: Covers all 7 recommended cessation medications*
  • Counseling: Covers individual and group counseling
  • Barriers to Coverage: Minimal co-payments required

State Employee Health Plan(s):

  • Medications: Covers NRT Gum and NRT Patch
  • Counseling: Covers phone and online counseling
  • Barriers to Coverage: Use of counseling required to receive medications

State Quitline:

  • Investment Per Smoker: $0.82; CDC recommends an investment of $10.53/smoker

Other Cessation Provisions:

  • Private Insurance Mandate: No provision

Citation: See State Tobacco Cessation Coverage page for specific sources.

*The 7 recommended cessation medications are: NRT Gum, NRT Patch, NRT Nasal Spray, NRT Inhaler, NRT Lozenge, Varenicline (Chantix) and Bupropion (Zyban).

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