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Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States. To address this enormous toll, the American Lung Association and its partners have committed to three bold goals:
1. Reduce smoking rates, currently at about 18 percent, to less than 10 percent by 2024;
2. Protect all Americans from secondhand smoke by 2019; and
3. Ultimately eliminate the death and disease caused by tobacco use.

The American Lung Association in North Dakota recognizes that these bold goals will only be met in North Dakota if these following three actions are taken by our elected officials:
1. Raise the state cigarette tax currently at 44 cents per pack to $2.00 per pack;
2. Restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to minors;
3. Keep in place the current fully funded tobacco prevention program and smokefree law as voted on by the people of the state.

North Dakota's legislature only meets once every two years, so there was no legislative session in North Dakota in 2014. During this off-year, the American Lung Association in North Dakota worked to continue to educate decision makers about electronic cigarettes, which will likely be a big issue during the 2015 legislative session. The goal is to make sure the current law in North Dakota that prohibits the use of e-cigarettes anywhere smoking is not allowed remains intact and strong.

The American Lung Association in North Dakota is part of a broad based coalition called Raise it for Health ND. Currently, North Dakota's tobacco tax is one of the lowest in the nation and hasn't been increased since 1993. The goal of the coalition is to raise the tobacco tax during the 2015 North Dakota legislative session. The Raise it for Health ND coalition launched a statewide education campaign in 2014. The coalition has found that a large percentage of residents in the state that they have spoken with do support an increase in the state's tobacco tax and many were also appalled by how low the current cigarette tax, at only 44 cents per pack really is.

These goals can be reached by continued support, education, and outreach by the Raise it for Health ND Coalition members to both the public and elected officials and by the residents of North Dakota voicing their support for tobacco control issues. During the 2015 legislative session the American Lung Association in North Dakota and Raise it for Health ND Coalition will need compelling personal testimony along with strong data and information to move our goals forward.

North Dakota State Facts

Economic Cost Due to Smoking: $442,053,000
Adult Smoking Rate: 21.2%
High School Smoking Rate: 19.0%
Middle School Smoking Rate: 5.8%
Smoking Attributable Deaths: 877
Smoking Attributable Lung Cancer Deaths: 259
Smoking Attributable Respiratory Disease Deaths: 245

Adult smoking rate is taken from CDC's 2013 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. High school smoking rate is taken from the 2013 Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System. Middle school smoking rate is taken from the 2011 Youth Tobacco Survey.

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