Grade: F

Tobacco Prevention Control and Spending

  • FY2013 State Funding for Tobacco Control Programs: $61,785
  • FY2013 Federal Funding for State Tobacco Control Programs: $2,275,032*
  • FY2013 Total Funding for State Tobacco Control Programs: $2,336,817
  • CDC Best Practices State Spending Recommendation: $73,200,000
  • Percentage of CDC Recommended Level: 3.2%

*Includes tobacco prevention and cessation funding provided to states from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Grade: F

Smokefree Air

Overview of State Smoking Restrictions

  • Government Workplaces: Restricted
  • Private Workplaces: Restricted
  • Schools: Prohibited (public schools only)
  • Childcare Facilities: Prohibited
  • Restaurants: Restricted
  • Bars: No provision
  • Casinos/Gaming Establishments: No provision
  • Retail Stores: Restricted
  • Recreational/Cultural Facilities: Restricted
  • Penalties: Yes
  • Enforcement: Yes
  • Preemption: No

Citation: MO. REV. STAT. §§ 191.765 to 191.777 (1992).

*Note: The Smokefree Air grade only examines state tobacco control law and does not reflect local smokefree ordinances. Missouri has made great strides at protecting people from secondhand smoke by passing strong local smokefree ordinances.

Grade: F

Cigarette Tax

  • Tax rate per pack of 20: 17 cents

Grade: F


Overview of State Cessation Coverage

State Medicaid Program:

  • Medications: Covers all 7 recommended cessation medications*
  • Counseling: Covers individual counseling
  • Barriers to Coverage: Limits on duration, lifetime limit on quit attempts and prior authorization required

State Employee Health Plan(s):

  • Medications: Covers NRT Gum, NRT Patch, NRT Lozenge, Bupropion (Zyban) and Varenicline (Chantix)
  • Counseling: Covers individual, online and phone counseling
  • Barriers to Coverage: Limits on duration

State Quitline:

  • Investment Per Smoker: $0.62; CDC recommends an investment of $10.53/smoker

Other Cessation Provisions:

  • Private Insurance Mandate: No provision

Citation: See State Tobacco Cessation Coverage page for specific sources.

*The 7 recommended cessation medications are: NRT Gum, NRT Patch, NRT Nasal Spray, NRT Inhaler, NRT Lozenge, Varenicline (Chantix) and Bupropion (Zyban).

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