Report Summary


Food and Drug Administration Regulation of Tobacco Products

  • Rule Asserting Authority over All Tobacco Products: Rule proposed but not finalized
  • Product Standards for Tobacco Products: No product standard to reduce the toxicity, addictiveness and/or appeal of tobacco products issued
  • Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels: No warning labels re-proposed or finalized
  • TPSAC Menthol Report Implementation: No action taken to implement TPSAC menthol report recommendations
  • Funding for FDA Center for Tobacco Products: Full Funding Provided with No Policy Riders


Cessation Coverage

  • Medicaid Coverage: Partially Required
  • Medicare Coverage: Partially Covered
  • TRICARE Coverage: Covered
  • Federal Employee Health Benefits Coverage: Covered
  • State Health Insurance Exchanges: Partially Required


Tobacco Taxes

Cigarette Tax:

  • Tax rate per pack of 20: $1.01

Other Tobacco Product Taxes:

  • Little Cigars: Equalized: Yes; Weight-Based: Yes
  • Large Cigars: Equalized: No; Weight-Based: No
  • Smokeless Tobacco: Equalized: No; Weight-Based: Yes
  • Pipe/RYO Tobacco: Equalized: No; Weight-Based: Yes
  • Dissolvable Tobacco: Equalized: No; Weight-Based: Yes


Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

  • The United States signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the world's first public health treaty, on May 10, 2004, but failed to submit it to the Senate for ratification.

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